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Smart Retail Moscow
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About the program
"VkusVill" is a TOP-1 Innovative food retailer in Russia. Company has 1000+ retail stores and Russia and Europe and 100% y2y growth.

"VkusVill Smart Retail" Moscow program — a commercial pilot program for international startups with the opportunity to launch commercial projects with the Russian retail chain of innovative supermarkets "VkusVill".

This program is targeted to the scale-ups and late-stage startups with the goal to bring new innovative solutions to the fast-growing retail stores in Russia with a focus on expansion.

Once selected, the company have an opportunity to launch a paid pilot and integrate solution across 1000 stores!

This innovative program is the first of its kind for retail sector in Russia. Join us, seize the opportunity and come to Russia!

Challenges to solve
Customer communications
and feedback

Conventional methods of communication have proven to be ineffective at engaging customers. We are looking for innovative solutions that could help build a seamless shopping experience and collect customer feedback.
Customer experience
We are looking for solutions to boost customer experience and loyalty, unlock superior customer engagement inside physical & digital store.
Customer engagement
We offer marketing and sales solutions to increas conversion and build customer loyalty. We are continuously developing solutions in the field of advertising and SMM.

Solution Areas
Smart Retail
& Logistics
& Food Safety
Why join the program?
Corporate Partner
Connections to VkusVill for pilot projects and partnership opportunities
Scale your business
Develop your startup through a pilot project and investments
Access business expertise
Access to a global network of mentors and industry experts across 40+ countries
Potential for joint venture or acquisition
Meet most active Venture Capitalists and Angel investors in your industry
Join the VkusVill Smart Retail Moscow program
powered by Startupbootcamp
Meet the partner — VkusVill
A network of shops with healthy food.
They work for people who choose safe quality products.
They believe that in Russia it is possible and necessary
to conduct honest business
Meet our team
The smartest people work every day
to make your future better
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